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12th IPPOG MEETING CERN, Nov 10-12, 2016

| 14. 11. 2016

12th IPPOG meeting, CERN Nov 10-12, 2016 




IPPOG now (http://ippog.web.cern.ch/):

22 member states of CERN+ Australia, Ireland, Slovenia, South Africa, the USA+DESY, CERN and five experiments at the LHC, interest expressed firmly by the Belle II Collaboration


Education & Outreach becoming an integral part in international HEP conferences, where IPPOG is an active player: LHCP 2016 Lund, ICHEP 2016 Chicago, WCPE 2016 Sao Paulo + Slovak participation:

- EPS HEP 2015 Vienna: (I. Melo presented Cascade projects in a panel discussion)

- Physics, Technology, Ethics 2016 Žilina (Invited contribution on Some Ethical Questions in Particle Physics, IPPOG authors: Ivan Melo,Thomas Naumann,Hans Peter Beck)


IPPOG publishes Newsletter with nice summaries of our activities: http://ippog.web.cern.ch/sites/ippog.web.cern.ch/files/IPPOG_newsletter_November_2016.pdf


Masterclasses 2016: 46 countries –213 institutes –13’000 high-school students –1’100 teachers 

New expansion of Masterclasses to neutrinos and cosmic rays:

IceCube Masterclass: http://icecube.wisc.edu/masterclass/home

Auger Masterclass: http://auger.colostate.edu/ED/

International Muon Week, Quarknet: http://Internationalmuonweek.org

International Cosmic Day: http://icd.desy.de

ALICE MC Strange particles has virtual machine to run on Windows:



LHC World Wide Data Day 2.12. 2016 (groups of high-school students with their teachers can do simple MC-like exercise at their schools): https://quarknet.i2u2.org/page/lhc-world-wide-data-day


Beamline for schools competition 2017: http://beamline-for-schools.web.cern.ch/


IPPOG Memorandum of Understanding: Collaboration will start when 10 Members sign

Today signed, or clear commitment to sign: CH, D, I, F, FIN, N, NL, P, RO, S, SK

New IPPOG co-chairs: Hans Peter Beck (Switzerland) and Steven Goldfarb (ATLAS) 


Panel discussion: Ethics in particle physics (convenor I. Melo): 



Working group: Explaining Particle Physics Hot Topics to Lay Audience: work on explaining basic concepts is required such as spin, fermions and bosons, fields and particles → output: brochure


Portugal makes a portable spark chamber ~ 14 000 eur and delivers in 6 months.



Farid (Oslo): Data based particle physics courses for undergraduate students (using open data)



Charle Timmermans summarized cosmic ray activities (different experiments could agree on unified data format a tools to analyze and then do MC like exercises):



Julia Woithe of S'Cool Lab reported on Table top experiments in Particle Physics



exhibition in the Natural History Museum in Vienna: “The beginning of everything – About Galaxies, Quarks and Collisions”, 19th October 2016 – 1st May 2017 (will be extended until August)

Film "A day with particles"

12. 3. 2021

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Zaujímavý nový výsledok experimentu LHCb v CERN-e

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10. 12. 2020

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