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20th EPPCN MEETING CERN, Nov 17-18, 2016

| 17. 11. 2016

All materials available at https://indico.cern.ch/event/571765/

Ana Godinho: CERN communications strategy 2017-2020: 

We have identified communication challenges:

- What if there are no new big breakthroughs?

- We need an ambitious and costly future accelerator programme

- The ups and downs of experimental results

But also opportunities to communicate about:

- Diversity of experiments at CERN

- The process of science (is not a linear one)

- The technological advance

- The impact of CERN on society

Six specific objectives

• Maintain and increase support from current member states

• Attract new associate member states and member states

• Maintain high public awareness and positive public opinion of CERN

• Foster community building within CERN and within the international particle physics community

• Raise awareness and inform on the societal impact of CERN

• Be an effective voice for particle physics and fundamental research

• Promote public engagement in particle physics

What is CERN about?

1. Research (Discovery through science)

2. Innovation (Innovation through technology)

3. Collaboration (Diversity in people)

4. Inspiration (Scientifically aware citizens)

We aim for

• Find stories

• Find storytellers (and help tell the stories)

• Find outlets for the stories

Comment by Ivan Melo: among target audiences scientists from other fields are missing - sometimes they think we eat too much from a pie of public money, some also think it is unethical for our field to have 1000 authors per publication. We gave to target them since if we cannot persuade them how can we persuade the general public?

Relations with Member States: Member States liasons from CERN staff? KT forum, ILO forum, Student and Teacher forum, EPPCN, IPPOG

Social Media Working Group

Social media increasingly important. CERN is very popular on social media, in 11 months of this year 733k Twitter, 250k Fb, 250k Instagram. One tweet per day by CERN is enough, Member States are not mentioned much in CERN tweets. More ambassadors of CERN are welcome can we find them? Weakly content from Member States on CERN Twitter?

Strengthening  EPPCN

We need people in EPPCN who have mandate to represent all institutes in their country. They do not have to be communications specialists nor full time communicators (but it would help). We need 2 co-chairs, one from CERN, one from Member States elected for 2 years starting in January 2018.

Promoting CERN in UK: collect zip numbers of schools visiting CERN and target schools before they come to CERN and their MP's and prepare them for the visit with all useful info inclusing Masterclasses, practical info etc.

SESAME light source in Jordan is starting in December with research starting in summer 2017 with 2 beamlines. ~ 200 users. Many research people in the region do not know about this. Amazing example of enemy countries collaborating in science.

Film "A day with particles"

12. 3. 2021

Masterclasses 2021 - tlačová správa

2. 3. 2021

Masterclasses 2020 - tlačová správa

4. 3. 2020

ALPHA prvýkrát ochladila antihmotu pomocou laserového svetla

6. 4. 2021

Zaujímavý nový výsledok experimentu LHCb v CERN-e

23. 3. 2021

Kolaborácia ALICE otvorila cestu pre vysoko presné štúdium silnej sily

10. 12. 2020

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