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Letná škola v Drážďanoch pre PhD. študentov

| 14. 6. 2016

The Applications Deadline: 19th June 2016 is approaching for our special International Summer School on
Symmetries and Phase Transitions – from Crystals and Superconductors to the Higgs particle and the Cosmos


to be held from 29th August to 2nd September 2016 in the city centre of Dresden, Germany.

The interdisciplinary school is aimed at PhD students and postdocs in particle physics, condensed matter, and chemistry. Symmetries, symmetry breaking and phase transition are key concepts in many modern topics in all these areas, and the school focuses on these common concepts and aims to deepen their understanding. The lectures cover the theoretical background as well as applications in all fields. Tutorials give the chance for hands-on learning of group theory concepts.

Thanks to significant financial support from German's initiative of excellence, the participation fee is low, and additional financial support for participants can be available upon request: The participation fee for international participants is only 150 Euro. The participation fee covers accommodationin Art'otel (in twin rooms) including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee breaks. Participation fee for German national participants: 450 Euro

Applications can be sent by email to symmetry2016@mailbox.tu-dresden.de .
Please find the timetable, the application conditions and fees and more information at the school's website.

The confirmed lecturers include:
Steve King (Southampton), Wolfgang Kilian (Siegen), Günter Quast (Karlsruhe),
Asle Sudbø (Trondheim), Maria Daghofer (Stuttgart), Holger Kohlmann (Leipzig).

  •  G1-G2: Introduction to Group Theory; Representations of Discrete Groups (Steve King)
  •  G3: Application of Discrete Group Theory to Molecules
  •  G4-G6: Introduction to the Theory of Lie Groups and their Representations (Steve King)
  •  P1: Phenomenological Overview of Phase Transitions
  •  P2-P3: Theory of Phase Transitions (Maria Daghofer)
  •  P4: Application and Examples of Phase Transitions in Chemistry (Holger Kohlmann)
  •  P5: Application and Examples of Phase Transitions in Condensed Matter Physics
  •  P6: Application and Examples of Phase Transitions in Cosmology
  •  S1: Experimental, Phenomenological and Historic Overview of Superconductivity
  •  S2: Theory of Superconductivity (Asle Sudbø)
  •  S3: Anderson-Higgs Mechanism in the Superconductor – Phenomenology
  •  S4: Anderson-Higgs Mechanism in the Superconductor – Theory (Asle Sudbø)
  •  H1-H2: Theory of the Higgs Mechanism and the Higgs Boson in the Electroweak Interactions (Wolfgang Kilian)
  •  H3: Experimental Aspects of the Brout-Englert-Higgs Mechanism and Discovery of the Higgs Boson (Günter Quast)
  •  H4: Electroweak Phase Transition in the Early Universe (Wolfgang Kilian)

Sincerely yours,

The Local Organizers:
Dominik Stoeckinger, Carsten Timm, Thomas Doert, Hans-Henning Klauss, Michael Kobel

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