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13th IPPOG MEETING LISBON, Apr 20-22, 2017

| 24. 4. 2017

Agenda of the meeting: https://indico.cern.ch/event/622184/ with presentations

Sesame inauguration will be in May – excellent example of international collaboration working for peace. Sesame is in Jordania which has 5 mil inhabitants and 5 mil refugees. Members of collaboration include old enemies such as Israel, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt


World Wide Data Day – is a new concept for Masterclasses (MC). One day in September, 20 groups worldwide participated. MC are based at high schools, run by high school teachers who do introduction and lead data evaluation, then live discussion with moderators in Fermilab or CERN follows, program takes 2 hours all together. Data evaluation: ATLAS + CMS, students search for two leptons and make angle phi and theta histograms.


Masterclasses expand to other fields: Neutrino Masterclasses for experiment MicroBoone will be prepared by 2019.


ALICE Masterclass exercises use root and statistical evaluation of large amount of data – is it not too complicated compared with ATLAS and CMS which simply let students evaluate data on event-by-event basis?


Rick Dirkbosch: very nice presentation (available in the agenda) on difficult physics concepts such as particle, field, spin etc.


Cosmic Rays: permanent installations include HISPARC (Netherlands), EEE – Italy, costly, Skyview – Germany. CREDO initiative – to combine data and look for correlations. International Cosmic muon week - combine data and measure muons. International Cosmic Day - similar initiative.


MC press release should be circulated by EPPCN – they can take us to headlines (bring it up at EPPCN meeting)


I. Melo co-chaired panel 'Impact of science on society'. More on this in the agenda.


CERN Alumni program – people trained at CERN start successful business – invite them as an example to, e.g., an IPPOG or Committee for Cooperation with CERN meeting together with a person from funding agency/ministry etc and the impact could be high.


Use opportunities global or local, such as International Cancer Day (or Hadron therapy related event in Norway where they invested a lot of money) which naturally make headlines to bring Particle Physics into spotlight relatively easily and show its role to the public.


March for Science in Lisbon on Apr 22: ~ 500 people including Minister of Science, well organized with drummers, chants, witty posters, cheerful marchers.


LHC exhibition at the Planetarium: a modest one, but after talking to a guide from Sciencie Viva, I realized that she was the greatest asset – the success of the exhibition rests on enthusiastic people like her. Portuguese seem to know how to find the right person for the job. The work done by organization Sciencie Viva (runs 19 Science centres across Portugal) is impressive.

Film "A day with particles"

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