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14th IPPOG Meeting, CERN, Nov 2-4 2017

| 4. 11. 2017

Agenda of the meeting: https://indico.cern.ch/event/674777/timetable/?view=standard

CERN and IPPOG will sign details od collaboration. IPPOG representative can become CERN user.
IPPOG celebrates 20 years.

Global Cosmics Working Group set up a web page GlobalCosmics.org

Particles for You Competition - a new competition organized by IPPOG for two categories: primary and secondary schools. Competitors should create a piece of art, poster, ... about particles
Prize: Cosmic Pi detector - one box contains detector, amplifier, computer (like CERN in a box).
Task: publicize the competition
Teams upload everything in digital form before Jan 7, 2018 (not realistic)
2 prizes: primary and secondary

High School Teachers programme teachers at CERN: none of them heard about IPPOG (we need to get on social media)

Competition Beamline for Schools: 7 teams from Slovakia so far
2019/20 no beams at CERN - the competition will be in one of national labs

Ideasquare presented by Markus Nordberg
Students from Slovak universities can come here and do a prototype - new technology, design and prototype of something good for society. They work in glass boxes with all possible tools available. Hugging corner needed since they often crack when told they have to do it one more time in just 24 hours.
LHCreate competition is also organized here: 2 days hackathon - ATLAS is joining CMS. Goal is some outreach prototype.

Paul Jackson from Australia talked about New South Wales pilot Masterclasses in the curriculum of high schools, teachers need traning to realy spread it.

Sweden - IPPOG raises profile of outreach in the country
Travelling exhibitions: a good way to go around developing your own ones

WOMAD music festival in UK - physics pavillon ~ 5000 visitors out of 30 000 total,
a public masterclasswas part of the programme, new audiences were reached with a big success

Italy web science site: 2500 visits/day, Ask the expert activity very popular
Editorial board is < 10 people. They run contests - monthly (example of a question: Can we extinguish Sun with water?) and yearly
budget 15000 eur

Gravitational waves
- if neutron star has 10 cm shift from perfect sphere, you can see it in the chirp
- luminosity of BH merger is greater than luminosity of the whole universe
- five events so far: 4 Black Holes coalescence + 1 binary neutron star merger

Spin explanation for high school students
1.start from QFT point of view - intrinsic property of particles
2.start from macroscopic level - angular momentum
electric charge cannot be constrained to a point
particle picture - rotating billiard balls (destroy this as quickly as possible - HP)
single photon - wavefunction - where is the spin in this wave?
or wave-packet?
3. Start from effects - Stern-Gerlach
Demystify spin: laser, rotating billiard ball, MRI, spintronics
Future conferences: explaning spin, Higgs should be presented in outreach sessions

Teachers during HST programme at CERN curated IPPOG database and suggested reorganization of web pages,
suggested also Friends_of_IPPOG email-group for HS teachers

Bulgary: many Virtual visits - 20 and lot of activities - we could be inspired by them

Brazil - outreach people across the country meet to coordinate their efforts - inspiration for Slovakia

There were beautiful discussions in the Physics and Beauty panel convened by I. Melo.

Film "A day with particles"

12. 3. 2021

Masterclasses 2021 - tlačová správa

2. 3. 2021

Masterclasses 2020 - tlačová správa

4. 3. 2020

ALPHA prvýkrát ochladila antihmotu pomocou laserového svetla

6. 4. 2021

Zaujímavý nový výsledok experimentu LHCb v CERN-e

23. 3. 2021

Kolaborácia ALICE otvorila cestu pre vysoko presné štúdium silnej sily

10. 12. 2020

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