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21st EPPCN MEETING CERN, May 4-5, 2017

| 13. 6. 2017



News from CERN

New things are tested for communication (360 degrees photos. Fb lives, welcomed French speaking youtubers)

A new web for CERN is under construction

CMS heart transplant - big story on social media (and media)

SESAME inauguration will come


Social media:

This is becoming a big thing we should follow (and act).

Twitter is not the best way to engage your community (fb and Instagram is better)

CERN social media campaigns:

- #FollowFriday campaign (7 Member States already participated)

- Throwback Thursday on Instagram (Instagram is easy to post)

- Guess what it is (fb & Instagram) photo

Youtube videos with subtitles – at CERN they can make subtitles for us(?)

Portugal 50:50 girls/boys in particle physics already, no events for girls needed for them

Portugal found a person who devotes 2 hours/week to fb, twitter as part of her job. They set up LIP fb and twitter accounts and with great success joined #FollowFriday.

CERN “VIP” presentation is being prepared in versions 10 min, 20 min + country specific modules

new thing - liaison officers for Mstates (Karel Safarik)


CERN Communications strategy

Discussion in groups: it is important to show scientific process: e.g. do not keep lid down on 750 GeV resonance, be proactive, show the process, the riddle as it evolves month by month.



Frederick Bordry presented strategy for future colliders

Beyond Colliders workshop later this year

LHC will run until 2035-2040

HL-LHC represents major intervention on 1.2 km of LHC, 950 MCH cost

Magnets: NbTi old technology has limit at 9 T, Nb3Sn (new technology) quadrupole for 12 T

LHC is currently at 3.4% of the total integrated L reached by LHC+HL-LHC

R&D: High Field magnets and High Gradient Acceleration

AWAKE (plasma wakefield acceleration) is in the tunnel for neutrinos to Gran Sasso

20 T magnets studies

FCC collider: 16T at 100 TeV pp

FCC week in Berlin 400 people registered

HE (High Energy) LHC concept – use magnets for FCC to upgrade LHC to HE – would be good demonstrator for FCC

energy consumption is high for LHC – we need study of reducing power consumption

2020 – R&D should be clear for FCC

2025 – decision about which project to follow

we need LHC results to decide

CLIC 1st phase is of the order of CERN constant budget

FCC is more global undertaking

HL-LHC is opportunity to engage industry and journalist who deal with industry (Technology transfer), economic benefits 1billion machine can return money through contracts



Dark Matter Day 31.10. 2017 (idea from Interactions network)


raise awareness in public what is known and what is not known in dark matter searches and theory

opportunity to grab people's attention

series of local events and to connect them to reach global effect

CERN – inflatable dome with show in English – show is for free, subtitles can be added in our language

live stream will connect different places

better # than new Twitter account, fb event


circulate this idea in IPPOG



Perrine of France was elected new co-chair of EPPCN


ESOF 2018 “Sharing science: towards new horizons” a theme/audience/key message?

Format: session? Event?

Who to involve? People? Organizations?

Beyond HL-LHC? (Communication of)


Giovanni Anelli Knowledge Transfer@CERN


Technology Transfer is subset of KT

maximize return in terms of TT and KT

CERN – centre for technology and innovation

key words: dissemination and impact (not profit)

fibre measures humidity and tells you went to put water to plants

We did transfer with existing companies

I visited US and Israel KT and they were so good…. We started with strat-ups

Business Incubation Centres - CERN brand -

Power of networks: HEPtech, ENLIGHT (hadron therapy)

KT matters – rep for each country


external audience: industry, internal: CERN

how to convince scientists to do st else than research

3 boxes of scientists little incentives (fund)

big ego – you can work on that we can help them with resources


Comms Strategy of CERN


practical ideas : media visits for Lshutdowns and VIP visits

stories on Higgs being only the beginning

HL-LHC (exhibition)?

Science for peace

attracting young peple, fb live (latest trend in comms?)

evaluation of our activities (outreach) activities? How do you evaluate?

Campaigns all the other MS are doing it is a good argument

Film "A day with particles"

12. 3. 2021

Masterclasses 2021 - tlačová správa

2. 3. 2021

Masterclasses 2020 - tlačová správa

4. 3. 2020

ALPHA prvýkrát ochladila antihmotu pomocou laserového svetla

6. 4. 2021

Zaujímavý nový výsledok experimentu LHCb v CERN-e

23. 3. 2021

Kolaborácia ALICE otvorila cestu pre vysoko presné štúdium silnej sily

10. 12. 2020

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