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22nd EPPCN MEETING Budapest, Nov 20-21, 2017

| 22. 11. 2017

Agenda + presentations: https://indico.cern.ch/event/680317/


Work was done in parallel in 3 Working Groups:


1. Campaigns and social media:

High Luminosity LHC (HL LHC) – it was suggested to rebrand the name (not many people understand what luminosity is). We should highlight the national contribution, make videos to show differences between LHC and HL LHC, stress that HL LHC offers training of young people (next generation of scientists) who will build the next big accelerator.

Isidoro Garcia: we look for personal stories of our successful engineers (ideal age ~ 30) at CERN or trained at CERN and working homemake 2 min video in national language which will serve to inspire young people and give them role models. Video can be made at CERN or at home following the script and recommendations from CERN.Perfect case: technical people working on HL LHC.


2. Future Accelerators and Strategy update:

The clarity of the process of designing Future Collider should be communicated.

We need to build support for a new collider. FCC design report is due in autumn 2018. We should make sure EPPCN is involved in Strategy Update Group.

Chris Burrata: 1 year action plan includes: talk to Scientific Secretary of Strategy update (Halina) and see how we (EPPCN) can contribute to the Strategy update and how we communicate the process – we must start communications now to inform about it, not in 2020 when the result will be presented. Let us invite Halina to talk to us at the EPPCN spring meeting. The work on update should be a consensus of the community and hence it has to be transparent. We know how to communicate to media but how do we communicate to the (particle physics) community? - through CERN bulletin or web page or?

Task for us: investigate in our country about the national process of contributing to the Strategy update.

There will be one working group phone meeting before the next EPPCN meeting.


3. Knowledge transfer (KT)

We need success stories to exchange (good examples of present technology transfer but also good examples from the past), look for human factor behind technology. We need stories from KT forum or even Idea Square where students work on projects with societal impact like project helping outistic children to learn more efficiently. Juxtaposing CERN with mobile company is inherently interesting.

Eleonora Cossi: we will inform KT group at CERN that we exist,you contact your delegate (KT liason officer in the countryin order to get success stories, and not only the story but also how to build up the story.


Next EPPCN meetings: CERN in spring, Greece in autumn

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