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16th IPPOG meeting, CERN, Oct 4-6 2018

| 13. 11. 2018

16th IPPOG meeting at CERN Oct 4-6 2018


Neutrino Masterclasses (MC) for neutrino physics (Minerva experiment) will start in 2019. Minerva is a short baseline experiment. Detection is based on reaction nu + n → p + mu, measured are px, py of proton and mu (they should be zero but are not), hence get delta p and from that delta x and hence radius od n.


ALICE MC – upgrade has a visual part and a statistical part – looks impressive as one goes from pp event to Pb Pb events to see the change in the number of tracks. Delta phi delta eta research analysis showed that there cannot be two protons in a jet (unlike in Pythia) – this is in fact an easy exercise for MC.


Company CAEN was present at the meeting – it offers educational kits (beta, gama, photon, …) once this electronics was based on CAMAC – now it’s digitizers, cost is 5-8 kEuro, depending on the kit.


High Students Summer Internship Programme (HSSIP): selected high school students spend two weeks in CERN (cost covered by CERN). Czechs had 240 applicants, selection of 24 was made by CZ IPPOG group. For students not selected they organized 1 week event in Prague (50 students) – excursions to PP labs, Van de Graaf, Tier 2 centre, few lectures, they built cloud chamber, party, miniprojects, final conference. Slovakia is in the HSSIP program scheduled for the next year!


CMS: their ttH result was explained in 5 min video – the most popular CMS post ever on fb, however 50% visitors stopped watching after 30 s, on Youtube 50% watched the whole thing.

6th celebration of Higgs - their poster done together with ATLAS wast the most popular post ever on Twitter. Game (?) playing with protons paper was accepted for publication in Physics Education.

CMS at 3D is worth seeing. France organized CMS virtual visit for French students who were not selected for HSSIP.


Tibor Simko (Slovak) presented Open data initiative.


Dezso, Hungary: they close high school students in an escape room where they have to solve problems and find correct answers to get out, they also organize something they call “petting a physicist” (also known as speed-dating), they get questions such as why photon cannot be charged? Why muon decays if it is elementary? 


Particle Physics hot concepts: Spin will be worked out by Ivan Melo


European Strategy Update: IPPOG need not be associated with next large scale project

National agencies should support outreach and things like summer student program at CERN.

IPPOG should not be just a spinoff (output) but an integral part of research (input).

We must have a talk at Open symposium.


Manuela Cirilli: KT (knowledge Transfer) : technologies, know-how, infrastructures → society

history of touch screens at CERN – nobody back then thought to take it out to society.

Examples: hadron therapy, PIMMS study → MedAustron + Italy

Gantry for medical treartment – allow move the beam around the patient, weigh 600 tons – we try to make them smaller,plan to make gantry that does not rotate (based on toroidal magnet)

CERN-MEDICIS – first medical isotopes produced

Medipix technology – color X rays – one of best Nature pictures

How can machine learning improve vaccine production?

GeneRoot – use root to analyse genomes

Timepix on ISS mesures radiation inside

Geant4 applictions in biology (DNA)

visit point on applications is not yet available


Francois about public activities: Connect dots activity for public – 5 min of drawing, 1 hour of discussions especially for adults. Questions: does a magnetized ball fall faster in a copper or plexiglass tube? Meet scientist is a good idea, jump in jump out prefererred over scheduled activities. Translations of connected dots.


The quest for beauty is in our minds (physicists) not in their minds (public and politicians want to see applications, jobs, return rate – we became interesting because of success of Manhattan project)

Film "A day with particles"

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